The heat that warms up your living: the wood stove

The charm of a wood-fueled fire is timeless and universal, enchanting young and old. The wood burning stove doesn't just make your house warmer in temperature, it heats the atmosphere of you home making it more comfortable.

The wood stove Phebo Stufe has a hearth coated in refractory bricks and the body is covered in elegant ceramic. Heat spreads quickly into the environment and the fire keeps alive for a long time.

How the wood stove works

To light the fire in the wood-burning stove we suggest to place thin wood on top of some crumpled paper, put fire to the paper and open the air register so as to facilitate combustion.
Once the fire is started, you can close the air register, which will make combustion go slower, making the fire last longer.

Advantages of the wood stove

The wood-burning stove is one of the few heating systems that do not require power supply. Even if you have an electric blackout if you have a wood stove you can continue to have heating.