Phebo Stufe pellet stove: convenient, modern and eco-friendly.

The pellet stove is nowadays an appliance seen in most houses, thanks to its simplicity and to the warm of the heat given by the wood fire. The pellet stove can be programmed through a simple display, where time and days of working can be set.

Within the various options, the air channeling of the pellet stove is indeed very interesting: it enables you to convey the hot air in other rooms in the house. Another advantage of pellet stoves is the possibility to control the stove from far away, either through wi-fi or GPRS.

The experience gained in over 15 years of pellet stove production has led us to develop appliances with very high efficiency, in line with our commitment to protect the environment and our interest in reducing the emissions.

At Phebo Stufe we look ahead, to the new generations, that lent us our planet, and it is with them in mind that we constantly try to improve ourselves, lowering our stoves emissions as much as possible.

How the pellet stove works

The pellet stove is firstly an electronic appliance and therefore it needs to be connected to the electrical supply.

The main electronic components are: mother board, fan and smoke extractor.

Let’s see how it actually works:
When you tunr the stove on, the glow plug under the burner basket heats up, after a few seconds the pellet is let in the basket through the ??? turned by the pellet motor. The fire lights up and the smoke extractor sucks the smoke and forces it towards the chimney.

On their journey to the chimney the smoke release part of their heat and the fan blows the hot air in the room.

Advantages of the pellet stove

The first reason why many decide to buy a pellet stove is certainly the convenience to exploit the technology without having to give up the old fire pleasure. In fact, the pellet stove mounts an electronic control unit on which it is possible to set many parameters including times on and off, and the days of use.

Another strong point is undoubtedly the savings you get from using pellets instead of traditional fuels such as methane and diesel.

Finally, for those who can decide between wood and pellets, another point in favor of the latter is the cleanliness. In fact there is no need to load several times a day the stove, nor to open the door risking to spill ashes or have in the house the wood that inevitably leaves residues.