The Phebo Stufe is a family business founded by Mr. Alessio Da Ros at the beginning of the new millennium, after years of experience in the sector as a manufacturer of boilers for stoves.

In unsuspecting times, when pellet stoves were still little known, Mr. Alessio invented the first pellet stove with upper smoke outlet.
Today almost all pellet stoves have the smoke outlet from the top, but about fifteen years ago there was only a rear outlet, which meant you had to leave some space at the back of the stove.
The idea of Mr. Alessio has paved the way for a whole new series of pellet stoves by solving the problem of space.

Genius and creativity they are the drive that gave birth to and grew Phebo Stufe over the years.

With the recent generational change, the company has expanded and internationalized, has developed new models since modern design, and continues to grow with the same passion and the same dedication which has characterized the company in all these years.

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