Respect the environment and save money.

Phebo Stufe products have been studied and designed to give the maximum yield, i.e. to consume the minimum to give the maximum, with a double positive effect: more savings for the customer, less pollution for the environment.

All Phebo Stufe products, thanks to their yield characteristics and certified minimum consumption, are eligible for the tax deduction for energy renovation of the home.

EcoDesign 2022

At European level, the reference certification for energy efficiency is the EcoDesign directive. It is an environmental declaration issued by an independent third party to products that meet strict quality and measurable parameters.
The award of this certification therefore guarantees the sustainability of the product that has received it.

Environmental performance

The environmental classification of biomass appliances is a purchasing guide for the consumer, to help them choose a quality product that is more environmentally sustainable.
Stars are awarded based on the amount of dust and the efficiency of the appliance, the stoves with a lower environmental impact are certified 3, 4 or 5 stars.

Optimized performance

By using a coaxial pipe, the incoming air is heated thanks to the heat of the fumes, optimizing the efficiency of the stove and helping to reduce energy requirements.
A choice that is good for you, your home and the environment.

Comfort and benefits

More comfort at home, better efficiency and special attention to the environment: all this thanks to our hermetic stoves. Hermetic stoves take the air for combustion from outside, thus not removing oxygen from the room and improving air quality.

Comfort and benefits

Hermetic technology draws air from the outside without using the oxygen in the house and without the need for traditional air vents. A solution that improves the comfort of your home.

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