Features and options

Health Kit

Sanitary kit

The kit for the instantaneous production of domestic hot water can be added as an option to the 22.4 kW hydro stoves. It is a heat exchanger which allows the heat to be transferred from the technical water to the sanitary water. The kit consists of a plate heat exchanger, a three-way valve and a flow switch. It is installed directly inside the stove itself, without taking up further space

Weekly chronothermostat

Set your home temperature and operating times for the whole week

Save space

Space-saving stove

Metal cladding

Powder coated metal body

Metal/Ceramic coating

Metal bodywork with Italian ceramic inserts

Ceramic coating

Italian ceramic cladding

Ash drawer

Removable ash collection drawer

Self-cleaning glass

Air flow system that slows glass blackening


Stove that can be placed in the corner of the room

Hermetic technology

Sealed stove which draws the combustion air from the outside

Remote control

the infrared remote control allows you to manage the stove by pointing the remote control at the display.

Wi-Fi module

The wifi module allows you to manage your stove directly from your mobile phone via a dedicated APP

Safety glass

recommended for installations in places where the presence of children is expected.

Mirror glass

With the mirrored glass, the inside of the stove is not visible when the machine is not running.

Hand decorations

Hand decorations of ceramics with the possibility of customization.

Air blower

Warm air fan for quicker heat distribution in the room


The ducting allows you to convey the hot air in the desired direction

Ductable with integrated motor

The hot air ducting can reach over 3 meters away if supported by a dedicated motor.


recommended for installations on wooden floors or where it is necessary to distribute the weight uniformly. Shaped in combination with each model.

Touch display

Display with touch screen function

Insert frame

Standard frame for pellet inserts

Ad hoc color arrangement

Possibility to choose two different colors to combine (e.g. white stove body, red top and base)

Ceramic dome/turret

Italian ceramic dome or turret

Silent pellet loading

Continuous rotation pellet loading motor

Ceramic lid

Italian ceramic lid

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